Monday, June 15, 2009

on the way-side

i've been so busy lately, working on several custom orders (thank you dearly Erin of HauteHardware and Mary and Lina ;o) )...but i had to pause a glorious moment to catch my breath (while varnish dries, and shiny silver tumbles in the tumbler) to post some of my work that has been on the way-side lately.

samples of my self-teachings of electroforming...getting better slowly, but sure enough ;o)

just a couple fun rings, will be added to my etsy shop soon

gorgeous turquoise

scrumptious fossil little blossoms for your finger ;o)

until soon, i bid you adieu


Jenn said...

I'm liking your first attempts at electroforming!

Eve M Metalsmith said...

thank you so much Jenn! it's been an obsession of mine to try for over a year now, and just the past month have had a chance to get the equipment and test my hand! i have rows of natural objects drying with varnish, waiting in line to be electroformed...i can't tell you how fascinating it is.

pamela michelle said...

Wow! these are great! I can't wait to see them in person.

Eve M Metalsmith said...

thank you SO MUCH pamela ;o)

sadly, i loaned my father my camera for the week (father's day due diligence), so i am unable to get the great pics i need to be able to post them until next weekend ;o( *sigh*

kendal croix said...

ive been learning electro forming recently myself. cool stuff.

Eve M Metalsmith said...

thank you! i haven't really had time to play with it lately, but i have a row of things that i've dried and lacquered, all ready to go ;o)

i find it so fascinating because i love to use random things from nature, but have trouble finding ways to use them in my normal silversmithing skills ;o)