Wednesday, December 31, 2008

swinging on the hinge...

almost a year ago, i learned how to make itty bitty teeeny weeeny hinges in silversmithing class. this particular design was created by my teacher then, so i am unable to sell it. since i slaved so hard over this one i think i'd perfer to keep it anyway! it really was interesting, and i wrote every step down (theres like 35) in my notebook so someday, i'll attempt to create another one. i am still surprised that i managed to pull off working with such tiny pieces of metal. the hinge still makes that little "snap" which means that i constructed it correctly ;o> i used this special wheel that suzy had to give it a brushed finish, over a mottled texture that i had given it prior. then a touch of 24k keum-boo.....ah yes, that's nice.

too late for autumn

now that it is nye, i thought it was high time i posted this most definitely, autumn piece.

one of my experimental pieces, i think it actually holds a lot of prospect. flame coloring copper is so much fun to play with, and there are a few people out there that have completely mastered it enough to essentially "paint" pictures on copper, just using the flame. i of course, can barely manage to get it to turn random colors in an even more random placement...but learning by doing is what keeps me goin ;0>

i finished it with a low-gloss lacquer to preserve the color before i had my renaissance wax...on all future pieces i will use the wax instead, unless of course the piece just needs an extra bit of shine.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

gifting against my will

so, theres nothing more rewarding than giving to others, right?

i created this piece for my boss for a much deserved Christmas gift. this particular turquoise stone spoke to me and said "cindy", so i simply had to part with it.

ah well, its spirit will live on.



my recent purchases....oh they're so pretty! fossil coral, aaa grade turquoise, moss agate, phantom can tell i throughly enjoy the very natural yet interesting types of stones. i've been a rock hound ever since i was a little girl, i'm so glad i finally have a delightful and fun way to use them ;o>

Sunday, December 14, 2008

the "eye"

my good friend lesley of celebrated her birthday over thanksgiving weekend, and i am so proud of the present i created for her i have to show it off ;o)
her favorite stone is labdorite, and i had found this one well over 8 months ago at the local rock hound store. i'd been saving it for her birthday, and i'm so glad i did. her daughter lily calls it "the eye".

big bend, baby

over thanksgiving, the hubby and i vacationed in the big bend area of texas, and gosh i want to be there in the quiet again. every year the holiday season is so busy, and full of people bustling about and getting all their errands done....the traffic is SUPER TERRIBLE...people get so irritable...and i really begin to despise living in the city.

enough complaining already! here are a couple of the photos as promised ;o)

this photo is from the monahans state park, near midland odessa. its truely like being on another planet. miles and miles of rolling sand dunes, just like being on the beach.

when you step in the sand it gives way in these unique little mini chunks, which fascinated me beyond belief! had to take a macro shot...dreaming about how i could use this inspiration for a jewelry piece.

big bend state park. this is the view once we had climbed up the side of this rugged mountain. it was so quiet and peaceful, and we just sat for a while in awe of the beauty. really, the photo can't capture what my eyes saw.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

back from the bend

the hubby and i drove in from a week in big bend last night...gosh it's so hard to come back to the city after such beauty and quiet stillness. pics to come soon...