Saturday, July 18, 2009

i just did a little jig for joy

a sneak peek at my new lovelies! most are actually not NEW per se, they have been sitting on my bench getting eyed by me for several weeks.
their names probably mean nothing to most, but they give me little shivers of joy...
ocean jasper
rhyolite - rainforest jasper
royal aztec lace
drendritic agate
the list goes on...

let me know if you're interested in one of these beauties for yourself...they all look simply marvelous set in silver ;o)


K @ Blog Goggles said...

These are gorgeous stones. Can't wait to see what you make of them.

I'm on my way to check out your etsy store!

Eve M Metalsmith said...

Thank you so much K!

I do love stones so much...I get so excited when I can hold a handful of pretties ;o)

Off to check out your fascinating blog!