Sunday, December 14, 2008

big bend, baby

over thanksgiving, the hubby and i vacationed in the big bend area of texas, and gosh i want to be there in the quiet again. every year the holiday season is so busy, and full of people bustling about and getting all their errands done....the traffic is SUPER TERRIBLE...people get so irritable...and i really begin to despise living in the city.

enough complaining already! here are a couple of the photos as promised ;o)

this photo is from the monahans state park, near midland odessa. its truely like being on another planet. miles and miles of rolling sand dunes, just like being on the beach.

when you step in the sand it gives way in these unique little mini chunks, which fascinated me beyond belief! had to take a macro shot...dreaming about how i could use this inspiration for a jewelry piece.

big bend state park. this is the view once we had climbed up the side of this rugged mountain. it was so quiet and peaceful, and we just sat for a while in awe of the beauty. really, the photo can't capture what my eyes saw.

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