Wednesday, December 31, 2008

too late for autumn

now that it is nye, i thought it was high time i posted this most definitely, autumn piece.

one of my experimental pieces, i think it actually holds a lot of prospect. flame coloring copper is so much fun to play with, and there are a few people out there that have completely mastered it enough to essentially "paint" pictures on copper, just using the flame. i of course, can barely manage to get it to turn random colors in an even more random placement...but learning by doing is what keeps me goin ;0>

i finished it with a low-gloss lacquer to preserve the color before i had my renaissance wax...on all future pieces i will use the wax instead, unless of course the piece just needs an extra bit of shine.


Ugly Angie said...

wow---very big is this one...

your other post talks about how you won't sell your teacher's design...very loyal...not many people are like that.
Happy New Year!

Eve M Metalsmith said...

thank you so much!

i love love love to experiment, and had seen a booth at an art fair of this couple that had completely mastered this technique. i got a wild hair and decided to try it myself. the leaf itself is 3.25"wide x 3.10" high. it sits right in the middle of my chest, easily seen without having to wear a plunging neckline...(but looks GREAT when i do hehe)

as far as loyalty, it can be hard. but if you want to succeed at anything, i believe that you must first be loyal, and you will be rewarded eventually. at any rate, i can use the "hinge" technique that was taught, and incorporate it into a different design that will be my own ;o>

Lesley Jones said...

I didn't even know you had a blog! Silly...

I LOVE this piece... that video is sitting on my floor unopened. You must bring this piece to Artscape in March and show it to Skip and Rachael. I think they would be really impressed.

Eve M Metalsmith said...

YOUR silly!

i keep thinking about watching that video with you, as i'm sure it will tell me what i'm doing wrong! for this piece i really just followed your advice about getting to the grey first. at first i messed up and went past the grey, and had to pickle and start over. then i got it just right, and it was so much fun ;o> but i honestly don't understand how they can get their colors to stay within lines, like color by number. now that i've attempted this, i have even more respect for them.