Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sadness is a Blessing...

I'm finally done moving from Texas to Florida...setting settled into my studio and geared up ready to start creating again!

Oh dear bench, how I have missed you this past month.

I should be back up and running either this week or next, so keep an eye on the shop for new pieces!

I am literally bursting with ideas and inspiration...living on the beach is a blessing and a miracle for me, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

Standing in the waves of the emerald waters here, I feel giant and tiny all at the same time.  Seeing driftwood float in with the tide I wonder what other country this began it's journey from, what other human being has touched this very piece, years ago?  

I'm exhilarated and filled with a sad longing...something beautiful, I just can't describe.  

I am a happy person, but my personality type is always geared from the more pessismestic outlook on life, my music choices reflect my inner love of sadness and heartbreak.

My dearest musician lady that forever will touch my heart, has hit the nail on the head with this incredible piece.  She truely is a remarkable artist, I can personally attest to her pure and raw talent from when I witnessed her live a few years ago.

Lykke Li, Sadness is a Blessing



Kathleen said...

So lucky to be living closer to the beach! I cannot wait to see what beauties come from your new inspiration

E² - Esther Eve Metalsmith said...

Thank you Kathleen, what a sweet comment!
I am completely overwhelmed with new ideas inspired by the beauty of the beach here...after being away from my bench for so long it's hard to get a handle on where to start! I suppose I'd much rather have this problem than a lack of creativity!

Barbara Lewis said...

Even though painful, sadness can allow for reflection which we can reinterpret in our work. It's nice to visit you here ... your work is gorgeous!

E² - Esther Eve Metalsmith said...

Thank you for your sweet comment Barbara 'o)

What a lovely statement about how sadness can turn into something beautiful...my sentiments exactly!!!