Saturday, March 5, 2011

Of Glorious Moonstones, and a lack of eggs.

Some recent custom work...what a royal beauty.
Polish flint, with grey moonstones.

And due to a lack of eggs in the fridge...

Tofu and Spinach scramble with dill and garlic salt it is!!!


I try to include tofu instead of meat a few times a week, and have been trying many new methods of cooking it.  I've scrambled it before, but it didn't turn out as wonderful as this time.

in short:

1/2 block medium hard or hard tofu.  drained, or squeezed fairly dry by hand
large handful fresh spinach
2 tablespoons chopped onion
dried (or fresh!) dill
garlic salt
fat free cooking spray

crumble tofu into saute pan on medium heat with a bit of of the cooking spray.  try to let it brown lightly before stirring with a spatula.  add onion and saute for a few minutes.  when onion is translucent and the tofu is a light golden brown, add spinach and seasonings, and give a good stir about every 30 seconds until spinach is wilted properly.

serve as is, or with a nice piece of toast!

would be delicious in a tortilla, with some salsa!

been hard at work on some new designs involving teeth, and bone *gasp*!!!!!
hopefully they will make it to the shop very soon, still putting some finishing touches before they are ready to be let out into the world.

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Kathleen said...

i will have to try it . my scramble never comes out the way i would like. thanks for sharing