Thursday, December 16, 2010

Homage to those lost...

This past Saturday, Joseph and I helped to lay thousands of wreaths on a portion of the 93,000 graves at the Fort Sam Houston Cemetary.  We were volunteering for Wreaths Across America where simoultanously hundreds of thousands of volunteers at cemetaries all over the country were placing donated wreaths on the graves of veterans, and those who gave their lives serving our country.  They do this every year, and there is probably a location near you.  I cannot tell you how moving this experience was, walking amongst the thousands of white gravestones, remembering the wars and battles of the past, and understanding just how much these people and their families sacrificed.  If you are unable to physically help place wreaths, you can also contribute wreaths for the cause. 

Check them out in November 2011 if you are interested! 


Lesley @ said...


E² - Esther Eve Metalsmith said...

Lesley, it would be a fantastic thing to take the kiddos to next year. I didn't think about telling everyone that I know about it this year. There were a lot of kids at the one I went to, and it was very touching to see them carefully place a wreath on a gravestone, and say "Thank you" out loud to each gravestone. I actually had tears running down my face when I saw that. Seriously, I highly recommend it.

They do a big one at one of the cemetaries in the DFW area.