Monday, August 30, 2010

Nix and Hydra - Satellite Necklace 001

Two Souls

Floating through and into eternity

Adrift in the deep darkness

At the edge of the galaxy

United as one with their beautiful god

Tied forever in perpetual oblivion

Peaceful and calm

Reliant on laws of gravity

Alive only if for the other

Glimmering onwards, forever.

Wouldn't it be impressive to think of when we leave this earth, if we could be placed in the heavens alongside our best friend and lover, or true mate, to float through and into eternity?

Nix and Hydra, the two moons of Pluto, at the end of our galaxy, mysterious and quiet. They live on the edge of darkness, and protect their mysterious Pluto god. Content only for the other, happy with the certainity of forever together.

A fine silver bezel is set around the tiny druzy and lemon quartz stones, and the piece has a sterling silver backing, which bears my makers mark. The 18" sterling chain is ended with a dainty bullet magnet clasp. The entire piece is oxidized and antiqued for color and effect, then treated with a polished wax protectant finish to preserve the color for years to come.

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