Wednesday, March 24, 2010

one of those kind of hump days...

today, has just been one of those days, if you can't tell from the pout on my face, or my unwashed stringy hair, or my tear-streaked cheeks, or the giant FREAKING BANDAGE ON MY THUMB.  yes, well, currently i'm about to take a shower, so it's covered in plastic wrap, but underneath is gauze and blood, and fantastic mr. deep flesh wound.

cutting tomatoes at lunch today, sliced right through my thumbnail and into the flesh, i had no idea that knives could be so damn sharp, i mean, really, who knew?

let me tell you it was quite ironic that i was cutting tomatoes...had to throw the whole mess of them out because i've never been under the impression that any of my co-workers were vampires, and i wasn't in the mood to deal with them all turning today, it being hump day and all.

it's really not that bad, i just almost fainted, and this is coming from the girl that doesn't really mind blood.

i'm becoming weak as i grow in years.

i'm weak enough to wimper and whine to you, dear readers.

it'll be fine in 2-4 days i'm sure, as soon as the end of my finger stops wiggling around...

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littlecherryhill said...

Oh poor thing, hope it heals quickly and your hump day goes away :)