Sunday, February 14, 2010

for the love of boobs...

well, not really. but for the love of life, yes.
these are two pieces that i just donated to the breast bridge network of Dallas, which is a non-profit that raises money for un-insured women with breast cancer. it helps women get the tests and treatment they need. my mother passed from breast cancer when i was 14, so this is a subject that is very near and dear to my heart. i was asked to donate two pieces for an upcoming silent auction, and i'm quite excited to see how much they fetch for the cause!

Sterling Silver, Pink Sapphire, and 24k Gold Keum-Boo
"Courage cannot survice without heart, likewise, one with heart can overcome anything. The english word for courage, is given to use from the latin origin of 'cour', or 'heart'.
This beautiful, and well worn heart, shall serve as a reminder, a gentle nudge toward the light, when one is overtaken by the darkness. Let this be a reminder that we carry our own destiny along with us, and those that remain courageous shall thrive!"

Sterling Silver, Pink Opal, Garnet

"As the pieces in the 'Ailette' Series began to take shape beneath my fingers, they reminded me of medieval armour...scarred and battered, yet radiating with a rough beauty. Imagine the countless stories of brutal war and victory they could impart!
Each piece in the seriec has evolved gradually into it's own unique protector, a shield, a comfort, a strength for the weary. Let this always be a reminder of the strong women we are, as we raise our shields high with pride and courage!"


littlecherryhill said...

Very sorry for your loss eve! And what a nice gesture to donate those fab pieces! I hope they do well! *I am sure they will :)*

Eve M Metalsmith said...

thank you for the well-wishes...if i hear back how much they end up going for i'll definitly report back ;o)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful donations and for such a worthy cause.

Eve M Metalsmith said...

Thanks so much Sandi! It is definitely a cause that I can relate to and believe in. Since I'm unable to donate much in the form of money for charitable causes, I try to find ways that I can donate my time or labor to ones that reach out to me!

Lesley Jones said...

Your work just gets better and better. Lovely pieces for a worthy cause.